Month: January 2002

I’m not sure if it is just Boston, but the Church is totally out of control if all of these allegations of pedophilia are true. We’re talking about 5-10% of the priesthood has been alleged to have committed these crimes … Read More »

I’m a big Ogata fan but I don’t think she should take Koizumi’s offer to take over the Foreign Ministry. She’s done her duty, and getting involved in the current politics will only tarnish her platinum reputation…. Koizumi Sacks Tanaka, … Read More »

WP: The Compromise Effect Psychologists Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman of Princeton University explored a situation in an oft-cited experiment involving a theater ticket back in 1984. They told one group of subjects to imagine that they have arrived at … Read More »

Reuters/Variety: Sony defies gloom with record Q3 sales, profit rise Sony owed much of its good fortune to the weaker yen. Sony’s previous earnings forecasts issued in October assumed exchange rates of 115 yen per dollar and 105 yen per … Read More »

Jitters in Japan for Savers and Banks On Monday, Moody’s Investors Service lowered the deposit ratings for five regional banks and downgraded the outlook for Japan’s biggest banks to negative from stable. Moody’s (news/quote) said it “considers the Japanese banking … Read More »