Year: 2002

Hyderabad booming

NY Times – A High-Tech Fix for One Corner of India Hyderabad, home to about 6.6 million people, has become a green, prosperous hub for computer programming, telephone call centers and drug manufacturing. But most of the state’s 76 million

Joi Ito on mobile blogging

Joi Ito’s got a good start on a list of resources surrounding mobile blogging and related issues. Joi Ito’s Moblogging, Blogmapping and Moblogmapping related resources

Monday Michiru interview

Wesley Chu has a great, detailed interview with Jazz chanteuse and artist Monday Michiru. Highly recommended. The Masters at Work/Kenny Dope remix of Monday’s “Sunshine After the Rain” is one of my favorite songs. I look forward to sampling her

Cable Telephone

NY Times – Phone Calls on the Cable Bill Additional services that take full advantage of digital technology are on the horizon. While it will still be invisible to consumers, a new generation of cable modems will be able to

MeFi NYC – January 10?

It looks like we’re shooting for January 10th as the next MetaFilter NYC meet. I’ll be there with my MeFi shirt on. MetaTalk | Community Weblog