Asian-Americans Are Most Avid Net Users

Newsbytes: Asian-Americans Are Most Avid Net Users – Pew Survey
Asian-Americans, more than any other U.S. ethnic group, are likely to spend part of their day online, and are more likely to catch up on the news, buy stock quotes or seek out health information while they are there.
Such is the conclusion of a study released by the nonprofit Pew Internet and American Life Project, which surveyed 340 Internet-using Asian-Americans between March 1, 2000, and Dec. 22, 2000.

This makes sense to me. I know I’m spending a lot less time online in the past few months because of the job and the SO.
One area of Net usage where Asian-Americans lag slightly is in listening to music over the Web. Pew indicates that 56 percent of black men, and 54 percent of black women say they have listened to music online, while 51 percent of Asian-American men and 39 percent of Asian-American women have listened to music on the Internet.
Yep. This makes sense too. Music just isn’t as important…it’s all about the stock quotes and health info 😉