Month: October 2001


I will stick my neck out here to say that this will be a horrible failure. The e-platform’s minimum specifications call for the integration of two digital satellite receiver tuners, a 40-Gbyte hard-disk drive (with a minimum of 20 Gbytes

Idei didn’t do nearly enough

Nazim-Amin, a Delta crew member who was flying on the 11th and was re-routed to Gander, Newfoundland due to the closed airspace in the US speaks to his experience. It’s long but well worth the read. When passengers came on

unintended consequences

Slate’s Ken Silverstein on the unintended consequences of selling US Stinger anti-aircraft missles to the Afghans during their war with the USSR. To stem the damage, the CIA sought to buy back its missing Afghan Stingers. The agency allocated $65

The algebra of infinite justice

Arundhati Roy on “The algebra of infinite justice” (She’s the author of “The God of Small Things.”) After all that has happened, can there be anything more ironic than Russia and America joining hands to re-destroy Afghanistan? The question is,