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onsens of Northern Japan

NYTimes on digital photography. I’ve been waiting for the quality to drop to a price where I can get the quality I want at a reasonable price, and I know we’re close. When the pro Nikon cameras come down a little bit more, I may invest.

Photojournalists have found that the L.C.D. preview screens on digital cameras have helped them connect with the people they are photographing, by showing them the results and thereby bringing down their defenses. And photographers quickly know if they got the shot, in far less than the time it normally takes to develop film.

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NYTimes on onsens of Northern Japan. I’d love to do a 2 week trip through onsens in Japan. The food alone is reason to go.

…you step into heaven Û at least if you are an aficionado of hot springs bathing. The Tohoku region of Japan is known worldwide for its magnificent sulfuric mineral waters. For generations, Japanese have been going to these springs, called onsen, to relax, surrounded by lovely cool mountains and woods. The onsen of Tohoku strive to maintain harmony with nature; the buildings are wooden, and every little ryokan prides itself on its rotenburo, or outdoor bath, which is often constructed from mountain rocks, with a view of mountains or streams or both.