Month: October 2001

historical impact of digital photography

Ok this is very cool. Take a digital image and pass it through a watercolor image filter and voila! * * * * * Interesting discussion on the historical impact of digital photography. Slashdot discussion also insightful. I see where

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onsens of Northern Japan

NYTimes on digital photography. I’ve been waiting for the quality to drop to a price where I can get the quality I want at a reasonable price, and I know we’re close. When the pro Nikon cameras come down a

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Haruki Murakami – Underground

NYT on Murakami’s “Underground.” After the attack on Tokyo’s subway system, which killed 12 and injured about 5,500, he spent a full year interviewing the 62 victims who consented to talk to him at length, producing “Underground” (Vintage International Edition,

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NYTimes on intimate details. This would be my nightmare- to have my business and my relationships shared with the reader of the NYT. I ask Griscom how he feels about the fact that he’s now had two relationships in

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Bert is Evil with Usama

New 3d fractal-created worlds from Pandromedia…Kai, eat your heart out 🙂 * * * * * This whole Bert is Evil with Usama thing is way out of control. Nikke Lindquist covers it on his weblog MeFi does too. Declan

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