Month: September 2001

Mossad’s warnings

NYTimes on 9/11 affect on Japan …the country woke up last week to the fact that aircraft, not ships, carried 40 percent of the country’s trade last year with the United States – 11,000 parcels and 360,000 pieces of mail

Chomsky on 9-11

Chomsky on 9/11 Q: After the first shock, came fear of what the U.S. answer is going to be. Are you afraid, too? Chomsky: Every sane person should be afraid of the likely reaction — the one that has already

Bin Laden in the New Yorker

Excellent backgrounder on bin Laden from the Jan ’00 New Yorker. Bin Laden’s father was a Yemeni who had immigrated to the kingdom and had made a fortune by building a construction company into a financial empire. Osama’s mother, a

feed them

From the Open Space list…I dismissed it at first, but it’s actually pretty darn compelling…. From: Chris Corrigan Reply-To: OSLIST To: OSLIST@LISTSERV.BOISESTATE.EDU Subject: The answer, according to my daughter Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 02:57:36 -0700 My daughter Aine and

Ikonos photo of World Trade Center

I know next to nothing about the Middle East, so I’m hungry for anything that can educate me about the history, religion- anything that can help me take a few steps towards understanding why those people did what they did.