Month: September 2001

William Vollman

British journalist Robert Fisk of The Independent on his experiences in Afghanistan in 1980. …I was a witness to the Russian invasion and occupation. How they fought for us, those Afghans, how they believed our word. How they trusted President

Jihad vs. McWorld

Benjamin Barber’s incredibly prescient piece “Jihad vs. McWorld.” “…calling the forces of Jihad and the forces of McWorld operate with equal strength in opposite directions, the one driven by parochial hatreds, the other by universalizing markets, the one re-creating ancient


Salon had two interesting pieces on “Armageddon Sex” and old lovers reconnecting due to the Current Situation.

perspectives of America

Amazing William Vollman New Yorker article after traveling extensively in Afghanistan in 2000. If I stopped and gave money to a child, others came running. I slipped one boy five thousand afghanis-about ten cents-and when I looked back in the

mourning with the US

Amazing photos of people around the world mouring with the US. This is beyond sad…I can’t find the words to express this kind of sadness.