swim with the crocodile

From the “Meanwhile” column on the front page of Lycos’ Wired News…(I’m not going to link it because it’s not going to be there after today.)
Wait, I found it on an AU news site from 3 years ago!

“An Australian swimming coach has developed a novel approach to improving the speeds of his swimmers — throwing a 6-foot saltwater crocodile into the pool with them. Mark Davies of the Casuarina Crocs Swimming Club in Darwin hasn’t convinced local swimming authorities, however. They say he’ll have to use a private pool if he wants to continue using a crocodile. Mr. Davies is unrepentant in the face of condemnation from sports organizations, however, pointing to the practice’s obvious value: ‘The thought of something chasing them down in the pool certainly improves the speed of my swimmers.’ No doubt the croc is no fan of Davies’ technique either — the beast has its jaw bound with tape and its claws clipped when deployed for the scare tactic.”

I’m not sure whether to pity the swimmers or the croc 😉
* * *
I had a late night last night at work- conferece call with Tokyo and San Diego from 8pm-9:30pm EST. Late night con calls with Japan seems to be a way of life for the expat Japanese (not necessarily me) who work at the US subsidiaries. One colleage of mine who coordinates business betweeen the US and Japan often stays late into the night discussing the business with Japan. It’s not the most efficient way to work…I’d love to try to find some better way to enable international communication (not just business-related.)
One benefit of coming home late is that I get to cross over the GWB at night and I always try to take the Upper Level if it’s not any more congested than the Lower Level (which seemes to be less congested in general.)
The point is that when you get onto the bridge and look South, you see all of Manhattan in lights from hundreds of feet in the air, as if you were in a helicopter. When I drive to work in the morning, I pass the heliport near 34th and the West Side Highway and I always wonder who it is who comes to work in a helicopter and if I might, someday, get to ride one just around the city. I love the idea of helicopters- its too cool to be flying on a column of air suspended by a spinning blade.
I just wish there was an opportunity to pull over on the GWB and gaze at the marvel that is Manhattan at night. It’s really beautiful, even moreso from far away. The planes lining up to land at La Guardia are like a line of bright stars in the sky. It’s the sort of image that I could never replicate on film because so much of the power of the image comes from the fact that you know that your perspective is being suspended in the air on a gigantic bridge.