Christos Zoulas

Pretty interesting weekend overall.
Friday night was a mellow dinner party at Takamai’s (this is the third weekend in a row that we’ve done something at her place.) The Kobayashi brothers went on clubbing into the night but I went home for some rest.
Saturday morning was the big couch move. Pete & Nyla and Mike helped, and Jack helped to make sure I didn’t get any tickets. Every step of the way, we were convinced that the couch wouldn’t make it and at the final hurdle (my apt door) I really thought there was no hope. We prevailed after about 45 minutes and I’m convinced the couch isn’t going to leave my place unless it’s in small pieces.
Then Pete & Nyla and I did an Ikea run (twice in 2 weekends for me…no comment) and we came home exhausted.
Quick shower and on to a rooftop deck party in Brooklyn where I met Christos Zoulas, one of the Core group members of NetBSD and a really pleasant person. It was great to hear about the BSD world from one of the most accomplished members. One story he shared with me was how Theo De Raadt broke off to start OpenBSD.
Sunday was more moving, Bastille-day party at Erika & Elil’s.