culm of bamboo

I’m going to see how long I can live without a TV in my new apartment. I’ve never bought a TV myself and have lived without one for a few years since college (a time when most students don’t watch much TV.) I’ve had roommates who’ve had TVs of course but even working for the company that I do (all the guys around me have these outrageous units at home) I’m not compelled to have a TV in my tiny place. It’s fun watching DVDs on a nice TV, I won’t deny that pleasure, but I don’t need that myself.
* * *
It didn’t feel much like a relaxing weekeng, ‘cept for Shiori’s going away party/Tanabata celebration at Takami’s place. I brought a 20’ bamboo stalk (what are bamboo called anyway?) to Takami’s because I said I would and we have more than enough in the back yard that no one will notice one gone. It was interesting walking down Park Ave. South with the bamboo- got a bunch of crazy looks and a few positive comments too.
Had a very productive weekend: had ac and deadbolt installed in new apt and bought 4 bookcases at Ikea. I have this low-level disgust for Ikea in the sense that it’s designs are all copies of more famous modern styles. But when push comes to shove, and one considers the fact that one is _renting_ and that the narrow hallways of NYC walkups are impossible for “real” furniture, the flat-packaged stuff fiberboard stuff actually makes sense.
The other thing that surprised me this weekend was the range in prices I got from contractors. I had a range from $190 to $360 for the lock installation and got quotes from $90 to $250 for the A/C unit installation. I went with the cheapests quotes and was satisfied with the work (I had just installed a new Panasonic A/C at my parent’s place last weekend so I was being annoyingly anal with the A/C guys.)
Anyone know how I can keep bookcases level when the floors they are placed on aren’t?
Wow. Amazed by the ‘net again. A stalk of bamboo is called a “culm.” How many of you reading this knew this strange fact?