Japan’s in the news a lot these days for the rape of an Okinawan woman (alleged) by an American serviceman. The Japanese administration is using this most recent (there’s a long history of sexual assault by American servicemen on Okinawan women and girls) rape to change the balance of power ever so slightly between the US and Japan.
As horrible as this may sound, I have to say that I find this terribly hypocritical for Japan in general because this is a nation much less progressive about women’s rights and sexual mores/equality than most other first-world nations. This is a nation where the public transportation has started to be segregated to protect the women from groping men.
Sure I realize that the government is using this incident as leverage, but I think it highlights the difference when foreigners rape Japanese women vs. when Japanese men rape Japanese women. I don’t think there should be any differentiation- even if I understand why there is a perceptual difference.
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On a lighter note, found a cool new website for cat lovers.