A story of fireworks in Southern California

Although I should have done this before July 4th, better late than never, eh?
I just wanted to share some photos I took from a fireworks show I did with friends July 4th, 1999, deep in Orange County, CA. There’s two close-ups of the “guns” (metal tubes set in sand) and a wider shot showing our handiwork (I helped build the frames, load the sand and tie some of the fuses.) The masking tape over the tops of the tubes is there so that after the show is over, you can tell easily by looking if a firework has not gone off (i.e. if the tape is intact, the the firework did not leave the tube.)
This show was a pretty small show- maybe 8 minutes long. It was electrically controlled but not by a very sophisticated board. Choreography was nice but not necesarily planned out in detail ahead of time (aside from the finale.)
The last image is a close-up of a medium-sized (5″?) firework going off taken with a telephoto lens. Kinda cool image, no?