Month: July 2001

swim with the crocodile

From the “Meanwhile” column on the front page of Lycos’ Wired News…(I’m not going to link it because it’s not going to be there after today.) Wait, I found it on an AU news site from 3 years ago! “An

Mitsuo Miura

Yomiuri Shimbun’s legal office chief, Mitsuo Miura, has a caustic critique of the status quo in Japan. I agree wholeheartedly from abroad. It makes one wonder what Japan and the Japanese could do if it was as unfettered as other

Christos Zoulas

Pretty interesting weekend overall. Friday night was a mellow dinner party at Takamai’s (this is the third weekend in a row that we’ve done something at her place.) The Kobayashi brothers went on clubbing into the night but I went

Shuji Nakamura

Shuji Nakamura’s a guy I’d like to meet one day. This man invented the blue LED and the blue laser and was so poorly compensated for all his efforts that he left his company and his nation for a teaching

Takeru Kobayashi

Takeru Kobayashi breaks hot dog eating record To put Kobayashi’s performance in perspective, there is no way to put Kobayashi’s performance in perspective. No context exists, no frame of reference, to explain the sheer magnitude of Kobayashi’s achievement. But I’ll