Month: June 2001

smart tags

The Standard on how MSFT is dropping “Smart Tags” due to public outcry. Initially, Microsoft defended the Smart Tags feature by saying it was useful and that in any case it would be turned off by default. It then began

video on demand

“The idea of being with a guy just because he’s rich, it kind of seems like a good idea until you actually try it. And then you’re like ‘I’m so out of here, I don’t care if I eat Campbell’s

programming in 7th grade

This Wired News piece on a middle school computing program in Berkeley is both exciting and disturbing at the same time. “I’m going to follow where the money is,” said seventh-grader Chien Nguyen, who said Java is his favorite programming

fear of public speaking

NYT on the fear of public speaking. “Right before I’m to go on, I go into a private room and begin pounding on a table as hard as I can,” she said. “The physical exertion helps distract me from my

Paul Ford

Paul Ford, who runs the phenomenal website, quit his job last week. He also wrote a beautiful consecration of the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River. I hope to walk the bridge soon myself.