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Salon on E3 and the gaming industry.
The hypesters can try all they want to market gaming as a cultural force destined to overtake Hollywood, but the industry’s dogged unwillingness (or inability) to join the mainstream right now is about as obvious as a too-big silicone tit stuffed into a too-small T-shirt.
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i-Mode to charge for content?
I think they can afford to do so with the dominance that they have…not outside of Japan, however.
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ZDNet: Japan leads in IPv6 implementations (IIJ/Junichiro Hagino)
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IPv4 allocations
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Cringely on Spike vs. Bluetooth.
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NYTimes on the failure of computerized testing.
The error had Û erroneously Û made the current test appear easier than the previous year’s. To make the tests equal in difficulty, the computer had then compensated by making it harder for some students to do as well as they had last time. The error did not change students’ right and wrong answers, but it did affect their comparative percentile scores.
further in the article…
Subsequent audits by Indiana and New York criticized CTB for lax supervision in the research department Û the department that had created the error, and then was charged with finding and correcting it. The auditors wrote that managers were only “informally involved in the day-to-day work of subordinates.”
Wendy Yen, the CTB official who oversaw the research department, has since left the company to work for the Educational Testing Service, which administers the SAT. Dr. Yen, through a spokesman at her current company, refused several interview requests.
But Benjamin Brown, Tennessee’s testing director, said the problem went beyond research: he said CTB’s greatest error was in treating each customer as if its problem was isolated, even after the company knew otherwise.