My artist friend in Los Angeles, Aaron Rix, sent me a tremendously beautiful piece of artwork. Aaron says:
the file is thirty layers deep and most of them are showing.
expect more. ~ air

wowtop1: copyright 2001 Aaron Rix
For some reason this image brings to mind Tibetan sand mandalas and the colors also remind me of the alien ship from “The Abyss.” I can stare at this for hours and not get bored.
Click here for full size image.
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What is Peekabooty?
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This kind of perspective validates why I don’t want an MBA.
The MBA tends to be heavy on the “B” and light on the “A,” teaching business functions, yet not developing the practice of administering. These programs give students the confidence to make decisions but not the competence to deal with the messy reality in which decisions are executed. Students learn to analyze situations and propose “implementation.” Unfortunately you cannot replicate true managing in the classroom.