Month: May 2001

Ask Mr. Blue

Garrison Keillor of NPR’s “A Prairie Home Companion” does a weekly column at called “Ask Mr. Blue” wherein he advises people about writing and life in general. I’m a big fan of the column and his level-headed advice but

PlayStation to provide RSA data security and cross-language translation for online gaming. This I gotta see for myself 🙂 * * * Netslaves on Yahoo. If a company distributed 50m shares instead of 3m among the staff and let them


Gracenote sux. These guys built their business on the backs of users in good faith and now are turning around and selling that data back to the users via licenses with developers. This kind of business model won’t win in

Fortune on Japan

Great Fortune article on Japan. For comments, please click on the “W” * * * Spiderman in Paris.

various & sundry

Salon on E3 and the gaming industry. The hypesters can try all they want to market gaming as a cultural force destined to overtake Hollywood, but the industry’s dogged unwillingness (or inability) to join the mainstream right now is about