Month: April 2001

ramen in NYC in 2001

I’ve been on the search for a decent bowl of ramen in New York City and one would think that it wouldn’t be an issue. The city that has 3 Japanese restaurants on my block didn’t seem to have any

software services

The Economist on the move to software services. A decent, quick overview- nothing fancy. * * * CJR on the impact of NYC on the national media. Being a New Yorker born and bred, I’m completely biased on this issue.

Fark – Canadian border signs

Fast Company and The Standard weigh in with stories of the new Kyocera SmartPhone. My phone was shipped to me locked by the factory and I and Sprint Service was unable to unlock it. They’re sending me a new one.

Ozzie on Groove

Ray Ozzie talks about Groove in the new Fast Company. That was a big moment in my life, because I was communicating mind-to-mind with this guy, and the technology was acting like power steering: It was augmenting our interpersonal, human

Kyocera PalmPilot

Feedmag on Andy O’Meara, creator of the fantabulos G-Force visualizer plug in for WinAmp. I’ve always thought that G-Force and Ryan Geiss’ Geiss plugin were amazing stuff (Geiss coded his visualizer in assembly for speed!) and I’m glad to see