Amory Lovins – Larry Lessig – ARMEC sidecar

Amory Lovins profiled in Salon.
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Stanford Law professor Lawrence Lessig opinion on copyrights in NYTimes.
When the Constitution says “limited times,” it means limited. The limited copyright for “Gone with the Wind” expired in 1992. Mitchell’s story, which she and her estate have made millions retelling, should now be “as free as the air,” as Justice Louis Brandeis wrote in a 1918 case, for anyone, including Ms. Randall, to remake and retell.
I’ve been having a polite arguement with my good friend Pete about copyrights and I’m firmly in Lessig’s camp. Pete’s a CEO, so he’s all about maximizing the benefit for companies, so he’s in the camp represented by Disney and the copyright holders. It’s a tough fight but the people with money seem to be winning (funny how that works.)
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Holy Moly! Talk about a fast sidecar!
ARMEC: Holy Moly!1 999 BMW K1200RS with ARMEC Tremola 2 Sidecar