Great DaveNet on the Philg situation, but more importantly, just like the Blogger/Trellix deal, we’re seeing business from a much more personal angle than we ever had before, and I can’t help but think that is a positive direction for the long run.
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Red Herring on what it is like to be a VC these days (and this is coming from the most pro-VC magazine on the rack today.)
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Sun comes to the party too late 😉
To work, Juxtapose will require an Internet user to download some code to each device, like a computer or wireless phone. The code provides security and identification on the network and will aid others in finding information stored on the device. Although Sun said it would not charge for the code and would make it available to developers, it will retain licensing authority.
Sun’s goal is for software makers to write programs enabling users to find and share content like personal documents, music, photos or videos.

Actually, we don’t know what JXTA’s legacy is going to be but it certainly doesn’t seem to be nearly as pressing as it was 6 months ago. Perhaps P2P needs to go back underground before it’s really ready for prime-time (in a general media sense.)