The whole meltdown between ArsDigita founder Philip Greenspun (as well as Jin and Eve and Tracy) and their VC firms – Greylock and General Atlantic
Partners breaks my heart. It’s so sad to see this kind of thing happen. It seems as if the hardest road was chosen to resolve the issues at hand and after all is said and done, who knows what, if anything of any value will be left.
aD was a company I had seriously considered joining and was under consideration by them in 1999 to join. I have to admit, after seeing all this public ugliness, I’m glad I didn’t pursue that opportunity further.
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Douglas Rushkoff on WAP portals to news sites and why simplicity for the web, at least for news, is still paramount.
Wall Street Journal WAP portal
CNN WAP portal
New York Times WAP portal
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Here’s a WAP story link: Ichiro fever in Seattle.
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The Japanese perspective on P2P.
I’ve never heard of this magazine Japan Inc before. Dunno how good it is.