Month: April 2001

Amory Lovins – Larry Lessig – ARMEC sidecar

Amory Lovins profiled in Salon. * * * Stanford Law professor Lawrence Lessig opinion on copyrights in NYTimes. When the Constitution says “limited times,” it means limited. The limited copyright for “Gone with the Wind” expired in 1992. Mitchell’s story,

ESR on Python

ESR on Python. … I noticed (allowing for pauses needed to look up new features in Programming Python) I was generating working code nearly as fast as I could type. When I realized this, I was quite startled. An important


Great DaveNet on the Philg situation, but more importantly, just like the Blogger/Trellix deal, we’re seeing business from a much more personal angle than we ever had before, and I can’t help but think that is a positive direction for


The whole meltdown between ArsDigita founder Philip Greenspun (as well as Jin and Eve and Tracy) and their VC firms – Greylock and General Atlantic Partners breaks my heart. It’s so sad to see this kind of thing happen. It

Amores Perros

I saw Amores Perros this weekend and had dinner at Zen Palate. Both worth your while. Amores Perros was a tad long but pretty powerful. Zen Palate is a vegetarian restaurant (a small chain) with some pretty tasty vegetarian cuisine.