Month: March 2001 summit

I’m going to the Summit which is in NYC from April 1-3. I’m interested to hear from Malcolm Gladwell of the New Yorker, Jason Catlett of Junkbusters among a few others. Thanks to Steve Larsen of NetPerceptions for a

Japan’s island mentality

CNN’s Gary Streiker on Japan’s continuing violation of international anti-whaling bans. Ask me why I think there’s a difference between native peoples hunting whales and Japanese hunting whales and I’d say “scale” and the fact that whale meat and hunting

the death of Sega Dreamcast

Michael Wolff in Forbes ASAP on the cult of technology. Such cultishness, such unreasonable devotion, such trust in a higher authority, became so widespread and ingrained in the technology culture because it workedÛfor a while, anyway. It spread the word.

Eric Schmidt to Google

WebReview has an Andy Oram piece on the future of broadband. [Miles Fidelman, the founder and president of the Center for Civic Networking] points out that fiber by itself is cheaper than copper, because it’s essentially made of sand. Fiber

Quango returns

Frankly, I’m at a loss why a company with as much experience at launching new products as MSFT has bungled this HailStorm PR as much as it has. No one seems to understand it, including the company itself. Sure, if