Michael Lewis on Jonathan Lebed

Excellent Michael Lewis piece in the NYTimes about the 13 year old stock market guru Jonathan Lebed and why the SEC didn’t take away all his money. In conclusion, the 13 year old was as smart if not smarter than professionals on Wall Street, which scares me because “professionals” manage my parents’ money…
CPRM may be dead but the 4C entity is still working to figure out encryption at the hardware level to keep some intellectual property locked away. Phoenix Technologies is proposing a replacement to CPRM and of course The Register is on top of this one. Keep your eye on The Reg- I trust them a lot more than I do much of the US tech press.
Lucid Robert X Cringely on why DSL isn’t happening…this is the nightmare of monopolies forced into competition.
Clay Shirky thinks that P2P apps will sneak into the enterprise (like Groove?) through the back door much like ICQ/AIM and Napster did.
It’s interesting to think that there is enough computer storage to store all of humanity’s writing to date. The day will come soon enough when we’ll store all human experience for posterity. I’ll be editing my life on the Avid, thanks 😉
Ooooh! Cool article on how to sharpen in Photoshop.
One side benefit of not having made and then lost a lot of money in the dot-com gold rush is that I don’t owe taxes on money that I never had in the first place.