no Crouching Tiger in China

Due to pirated Video CDs, late distribution, a downturn in the marketplace and the fact that the movie wasn’t made to Chinese tastes, ‘Crouching Tiger,’ Celebrated Everywhere but in China
WOW…check out the new Nikon FM3a and the wild new 45mm lens!
ZDNet on The Hidden Cost of P2P and the following Slashdot discussion.
I don’t think anyone’s going to want to pay MORE for broadband net access than they already do (~$40/month) so we’re going to have an interesting future here. The more popular P2P apps get (like Seti@HOME or Napster etc.) the more bandwidth we’ll use- in ways the ISPs never thought we would. Either the hardware/connectivity prices have to fall fast enough for the ISPs to stay in business or the cost for broadband won’t fall for a while.
Tom’s Hardware reports 57 million transistors on NVIDIA’s new GeForce 3 graphics accelerator. Way more than the Pentium 4. Stop and think about that for a second. The reflection/refraction/layered fog thing is TOO cool.
Very interesting Salon article by Ironminds editor Will Leitch on house-sitting for Josh Harris in the infamous apartment.
The company can hire any lawyer they want to because they’re so wealthy. And yet time after time after time, they keep hiring these lame lawyers who fall all over themselves in court and give the company an image exactly opposite to what I’m sure they’d like to have.
“Why not let the OEMs remove [Internet Explorer],” Judge Edwards asked.
“Because the OEMs are not Microsoft’s real customers; end users are,” Urowsky said, boldly lying through his teeth.
“If you don’t have OEMs you’re out of business,” Edwards laughed scornfully. “Is that a question?”