Month: February 2001

Finally warming up in NYC.

I get all hot and heavy for military aircraft porn!

Brr! It’s freezing in NYC

Have you ever wondered, ‘What is the most important invention in the past 2000 years?’ or ‘what is today’s most important unreported story?’ Well, so has John Brockman. Someone on MeFi called this the Funniest thing ever, period and I

Hybrid DJ set in NYC (Feb 01)

Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 19:36:22 -0500 To: From: Gen Kanai <> Subject: 2/16 report from NYC…Hybrid DJ set Hey everyone, Quick note about last night: the venue SUCKED, I mean it was horrendous. I’m gonna email Kinetic to

Saturday Night and I ain’t got…

Saw Hybrid DJ last night a lame club that had a really lame soundsystem. I’ll write up a report for the mailing lists. Can’t get a girl outta my mind…more thoughts on that topic later 😉

Friday blues…

ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US! The NYTimes has a bunch of great pieces from a recent Magazine section: a corporate espionage piece on the frozen pizza industry a piece on Japan’s unemployed men and how the hide that