Month: February 2001

no Crouching Tiger in China

Due to pirated Video CDs, late distribution, a downturn in the marketplace and the fact that the movie wasn’t made to Chinese tastes, ‘Crouching Tiger,’ Celebrated Everywhere but in China WOW…check out the new Nikon FM3a and the wild new

Kissinger and Pinochet

Excellent but long article on how the new light on the Pinochet regime (due in part to the release of previously classified documents) has revealed Kissinger’s role in state-supported terrorism and assassination. I never liked the guy just because

Newsweek on weblogs

‘Males tend to have an in-built strategy that tells them that every female is interested in them,’ he said. ‘It seems to be true that men do have big egos.‘ Newsweek story on weblogs, not much new ground covered. *

Michael Lewis on Jonathan Lebed

Excellent Michael Lewis piece in the NYTimes about the 13 year old stock market guru Jonathan Lebed and why the SEC didn’t take away all his money. In conclusion, the 13 year old was as smart if not smarter than

Thinking of your smile…

Now I’ve seen it all. Even the manic depressive web server in the Netherlands. Bert’s Quarter Shrinker (a.k.a. high velocity electromagnetic metal forming) and Telsa coil are very, very cool but the coolest one is the 5 yen coin shrunk.