Month: January 2001

copyright balance skewed

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about copyright, the new laws (DMCA, etc.) and a future where copyrights are much more powerful than they are today. I think that ultimately there’ll be (like there is today) a significant underground marketplace

relive Atari 2600

I love Atari 2600 Techno! Thank you, Golden Shower.(requires Quicktime.) Add your favorite to the gallery of generic of that American classic, Macaroni and Cheese.

Some myths about intellectual property

From the International Fedration of Library Associations and Institutions Some myths about intellectual property Intellectual property is a hot-button issue these days, and for good reason. In the heat of debate, however, it can become easy for dogmatic assertions

Cross-Country USA Motorcycle Trip 1995

Trip Report: My first X-USA June 1995 My first cross country trip. — Although I had planned on writing a story with more moto content for the riders out there, this has become more of a journal than a story

Akira re-release!

BIG NEWS! Akira to be re-released this spring in the theaters with a DVD to follow!! Geinoh Yamashirogumi did the soundtrack to Akira and their music is only available in Japan. Iliana Mercer of Canada’s National Post Online write about