progressive house/trance vinyl for sale

I am NOT a working DJ so this vinyl is all in like-new condition. It has not been played “out” and has only been spun on my tables at home a few times. Prices do NOT include shipping. Paypal is easiest.
$7 – Ritmo “G 13” <evolution remix> (Fluid)
This track is on Lucien Foort’s “Singularity” mix and on Dave Seaman’s “Renaissance Awakening.”
$7 – Funk Function “Empress O/Odysseus” (Multitracks)
This track is on at least 3 GU comps: Nick Warren – Budapest, Sasha – San Francisco, Dave Seaman – Buenos Aires.
$6 – Dominica “Flashback/Neon” (Advance, ADX005)
$7 – Prism “aura/salvation” (Limbo, LIMB98T)
$7 – Natious “Amber” <silk mix/lightning mix> (Amato)
This track was on Sasha’s GU013 Global Underground – Ibiza mix CD.
$7 – Natious “Flashpoint Part 1/Christian West’s Feel Mix 1” (Amato)
$7 – Natious “Flashpoint Part 2/Christian West’s Feel Mix 2” (Amato)
“Flashpoint” was on the Gatecrasher “Disco-Tech” Mix.
$7 – Funkopath “Regenerate” <original/Deepsky Mix> (F-111)
$7 – Electro-Land “Cheyenne EP” <Christopher Lawrence Remix> (F-111)
$7 – Christopher Lawrence “Rush Hour/Ride the Light” (Hook)
This track was on Lawrence’s “Trilogy Part One: Empire” as well as mixes like “Logic Trance 3,” “Cyberfest 2000,” “Reactivate 16” and others.
$7 – Jondi & Spesh “The Sway” <Bio Mix/Thick Mix/Moriarty Mix> (Dorigen)
$6 – Grain “Does Jesus Have Buddha Nature?” (Fragrant Music)
1998 West coast trance label release.
$7 – BT “Fibbonaci Sequence” (White)
This was the big breakbeat track on Sasha’s “Global Underground-Ibiza” mix CD.
$20- Chicane “Behind the Sun” LP (Xtravaganza)
Chicane’s second LP with the Y2K anthem “Saltwater”
$6 – Hive “Ultrasonic Sound/Moves Within Time” (Phase 4 Records)
The vinyl only has the first 4 of the 7 tracks on the CD.
$7 – Bedrock “Voices Part 1” <Original Mix/DJ Remy Mix> (Pioneer)
Don’t take my word for it. This track is on S&D’s “Communicate,” on Gatecrasher “Global Sound System,” on Max Graham’s “Cream” and about 6 other compilations.
$7 – American Frontier Culture “Coming Home” <Noel W. Sanger Mix/Martin Villeneuve Mix> (StreetBeat)
$7 – Argonauts aka. Dave Ralph & Mike Koglin “Sommertag” (Kinetic)
“Sommertag” was on Trance: A State of Altered Consciousness.
$9 – Planet Perfecto Feat. Grace “Not Over Yet 99” <Matt Darey/Breeder/Perfecto/Da Sickboys> (Kinetic)
I don’t think this track needs any description. You either know it and like it or hate it. DOUBLE VINYL
$9 – Ascension “Someone” <Slacker/Keith Litman/Ascension mixes> (Kinetic)
This is that huge anthem from Oakenfold’s “Tranceport” album. DOUBLE VINYL
$7 – Paul Van Dyk “Another Way/Avenue” (Deviant, DVNT35X)
I don’t think this track needs any description.
$9 – Paul Van Dyk feat. St. Etienne “Tell Me Why (The Riddle)” (Mute)
I don’t think this track needs any description. DOUBLE VINYL
$7 – Delerium “Heaven’s Earth” <dub/club mix/radio edit> (Nettwerk)
$7 – Delerium “Heaven’s Earth” <Matt Darey/Key South Remix> (Nettwerk)
$6 – Povi “Dragonflies” <Uberzone remix> (Nettwerk)
$6 – M.A.D. Love “M.A.D. Love” (Caffeine)
DJ Micro and John Debo are M.A.D. Love, and anyone who’s into the Micro, Frankie Bones, Kimball Collins sound should like this track.

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hi there,
Just wondering if the Vinyl you have which is TELL ME WHY… by paul Van Dyke is the one remixed by DJ MICRO …. there is two versions of this song…. i want the one done by DJ MICRO .it has all off the girls lryics in it… i would buy off you if this is the one.

I am interested in a few. Email me with a current list and the prices if you have time. Thanks.

i play drum n bass in tacoma and i would love to get that “ultrasonic sound” from you.
please please please e-mail me!

do you have any paul van dykr tracks available

Do you still have Amber by Natious? Is the lightning mix the same version as in Paul Oakenfold’s Essential mix?

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