December Home Page

Welcome to my new site on WebLogs.Com.

  • My team when I worked at Toyota was featured in Fast Company magazine in Jan/Feb 2000. Here is the MSN reprint.
  • I also lurk on the decentralization mailing list on eGroups with a bunch of other people who’re working on building new net applications.
  • Here’s my review of Lazy Dog @ Shine when Ben Watt (of EBTG) and Jay Hannan brought their London club sound to New York in mid November. Amazing evening of great house music!
  • Here’s my review of 6th Element, a day rave on Randall’s island in the summer of 2000.
  • Here’s my review of dance music from October 14th, 2000.
  • Here’s my review of dance music from October 30th, 2000.
  • I’m a dance music junkie these days so I’m on many mailing lists including:
    Hybrid, Amtrak DJs, and also
    Way Out West.

  • Friends often ask where I get my music. In addition to local stores in New York City, I can confidently recommend GrooveDis and Dusty Groove who’re both online and have great selection and great service.
  • I also love to visit The Downbeat a site dedicated to downtempo music.
  • I still have a old home page on Earthlink, but I’m lazy and I haven’t updated it since 1998.
  • I also contribute occasionally to the Memepool weblog which is a daily source of “cultural oddities.”
  • My Photopoint page has a few photos that I’ve moved to the web.
  • I also have two photos on the site.
  • Here’s an article on alternative motorcycle front suspension systems that I did in college that got some attention online. It’s really dated now.
  • Here’s another copy that was stolen by some Japanese dude. I’ll email him to see why he didn’t ask for my permission.
  • This is a book review I did for a motorcycling book a long time ago.
  • This is a link to my 1995 trip report of my cross country motorcycle ride.