Review: Lazy Dog in NYC @ Shine

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 15:26:58 -0500
From: Gen Kanai
Subject: Review: Lazy Dog in NYC @ Shine
Hey folks,
Just wanted to mention that I had a great time out last night at Shine in NYC dancing to Ben Watt and Jay Hannan who together run the Notting Hill club event called “Lazy Dog.” If you can catch them in your city (schedule below) you’re in for a real house music treat!
DJ Reda opened up the night with a house set that was decent with one track I recognized (Francois K’s remix of Ame Strong’s “Tout Est Blue.”)
Jay Hannan then stepped up to the plates around 11:30pm with a packed audience of a wide age group and proceeded to build up the pace and the vibe.
I’m still a relative newbie to house so I didn’t recognize anything that he spun in his first set but it was all good.
Then Ben Watt came onto the decks and started out with a few strong songs and then went nuts with a killer 3 anthem trio that had the whole place cheering, whistling and waving hands. Ben went from the Lazy Dog remix of Sade’s “By Your Side,” to Negrocan’s “Cada Vez,” to Kenny Dope’s dub remix of Monday Michiru’s “Sunshine After the Rain.” After giving us a breather for a few tracks he brought in the EBTG vs. Soul Vision “Tracey In My Room” remix and brought the house down! Everyone was screaming and yelling and whistling- it was amazing. I’ve been to Shine maybe 4 times this summer and never saw a crowd as pumped as it was last night (at least at the peak of Ben’s first set.)
The night would have been perfect if Ben had played Todd Terry’s remix of EBTG’s “Missing.” I wasn’t into house when that song was really big and it would’ve been amazing to hear Ben spin that next to the newer remixes they’ve done.
I spoke to Ben briefly before he went on stage to ask him what’s coming for releases. He said that “Tracey in My Room” is going to be released early next year and that after that they’re planning a “Back to Mine: EBTG” which will be a lot like Groove Armada’s (Ben even mentioned that compilation.) So we can look forward to those. “Tracey in My Room” is going to be a stormer next spring. The Lazy Dog remix of “By Your Side” is already a stormer by my estimation.
One funny incident happened right after I bumped into a friend’s girlfriend, Daisy. Daisy was complaining to me because Ben had just handed the decks back to Jay and she wanted Ben back on. She said something to the effect of, “Why doesn’t Ben get back on the decks- we’ve heard this New York DJ before.” I politely informed her of who Jay was and his connection to Ben, but it was interesting because as the night wore on, Daisy’s was right on the money. Ben and Jay both threw down a set that wouldn’t have sounded that far away from a 80’s NYC house set. It’s not that they were playing only classics (although they did throw a few in) it’s just that it was ironic that 2 UK DJs were playing New York house to a New York crowd, who was loving it (for the most part.)
I don’t think that Lazy Dog is breaking any new boundaries of house per se. I think that they’re cresting the wave of deep house and having a great time with it. I think that the demand for deep house is growing quickly as some other genres are having a hard time growing beyond an initial fan base. Imho, it’s still too early to tell if UK Garage/2Step will take off here in the US.
Can anyone help me identify three songs that I didn’t recognize:
1. one with Tracey’s vocals where she’s saying “Are you all alone? When are you coming home?”
(Update 5/2/01 Bethany Johnson told me that this was “Lullaby of Clubland” by EBTG.)
2. one old NY garage track by the Kleptomaniacs (?)
3. one with a refrain that was “Every time I hold you I hear music, sweet music”
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