30 Oct 2000 – 12″ Reviews

Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 13:35:04 -0500
From: Gen Kanai
Subject: Oct 2000 – 12″ reviews
Here’s what’s spinning on my tables here in New Yawk Seedy…
Taxi “people come runnin'” (Infracom)
Every store I go to, people are clamoring for this record. It’s the hot 12″ these days in the jazzy house/nu jazz genre. There’s 3 remixes in addition to the original track on this single. I was drawn in by the promise of the “Dixon’s alternative version1” (of Jazzanova fame) but I ended up liking the “needs rmx” more. Don’t get me wrong- the Dixon remix is great and very much in the Jazzanova vein. Definitely worth checking out.
Universal Funk “Roots” (Svek)
This is a gorgeous tune! Wow…Svek really delivers a stunning 12″ here with 2 remixes of “Roots.” My favorite is the “vibes from the dark mix” and it’s great beats and percussion with a simple but effective bassline over it, and a few vibraphone, trumpet, and piano solos on top to finish it off. It’s a little on the slower side but it’s just captivating. For some reason this track reminds me of beautiful sunsets in New York City with the famous skyline outlined by dark clouds and shades of blue, purple, red and orange.
Gabriel Rene “Pimp Rekker” (OM Records)
Gabe is of course the mastermind behind the awesome 1999 “Don’t You Cry” single that everyone has loved all over the jazzy house world. This new single is completely in a different style. Think 1970’s funk meets drum’n’bass meets 70’s cop show vibe. I’m not sure exactly how I’d work this into my regular set but I’m a Gabe fan whatever he does. I do hope that he goes back to the jazzy house sound sometime soon.
The Rurals “Corker” (Loud Bit Records)
This must be an older release because I thought that The Rurals were on Peng Records? Anyway, I like this one because it’s vocal-less which is generally my preference. It has a touch of Frech House-ness (workin’ the eqs within the track itself) but it’s basically in the classic Rurals house music mold. 3 different remixes and even the original is slammin!
Afro Medusa “Pasilda” (d:vision/Azuli)
Ok, ok, I admit it. I like this catchy tune enough to buy different remixes of it. It’s really a classic Latin house tune with the buildups and breakdowns and the vocals merging with the melodies. Nothing earthshaking here with respect to content or style, it’s just a fun, really danceable house track. This particular release has 4 remixes and the awful cover photo (horrendous blowup of a tiny digital image and color way off.)
Los Ladrones “Las Luces Del Norte” (Earthproject Music)
While the original single is really nice uptempo and yet soft, the “Dave Warren’s Open Air Dub” is the dancefloor mover. This one is has some nice flute riffs and nice vocals and would fit nicely into a Latin deep house mix.
Damaged Sole “Damaged Sole” (Deep4Life Recordings)
Deep, minimal, slightly jazzy but not tech-y deep house. I don’t know much about this label or this artist but it’s very sparse musically but has the deep house beats that we sometimes love. They have an album coming out later in November that might be cool. Did I mention this was deep?
Sven Van Hees “Tsunami (inside my soul)” (Life Enhancing Audio)
This track has been EVERYWHERE on so many compilations (Transatlantik Lounging 2, Mixmag-Naked Ibiza, Comfort Zone®, CHILLOUT2000, Served Chilled 2, Beach House) no to mention Hees’ own Gemini LP. It’s a really chill/downtempo track with breathy female vocals and a dreamy atmosphere. Gorgeous record art too. Worthy of having just for the art which reminds me of 1960’s bossa nova record albums.
Best wishes and good luck vinyl hunting,