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South Korea is stuck with Internet Explorer in 2013

The Washington Post covers the defacto monopoly of Windows in South Korea recently with Chico Harlan’s article: South Korea is stuck with Internet Explorer for online shopping because of security law. I covered this in 2007 with my piece the

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An Interview with John Cho

APA Magazine has a great in-depth, two-part interview with John Cho who is one of the only high-profile Asian-American actors working in the industry today. I hope Cho has a long and exciting career ahead of him as it is

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Nothing But Net

This is a few months late but JP Morgan’s Imran Khan has a lengthy 2009 Internet Investment Guide (or here) out that is worth reading for it’s coverage of China, Korea and Russia.

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Benjamin Joffe – Asia’s Best of Breed

I really enjoyed Benjamin’s newest presentation on Asian Internet businesses in comparison to Western ones. Presentation at eComm in San Francisco in March 2009 about Asian mobile ecosystem, especially Japan, and comparisons with Apple’s iPhone and Facebook. Some extra like

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the consumer web services challenge of East Asia

Changwon Kim has news on his blog that Cyworld is quitting the US market: Cyworld pulling plugs from US. Cause of failure? Well, for starters (the obvious ones): Cyworld didn’t seem to have sharp strategies as to how to position

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