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printing to PDF

One of the biggest changes for me with computing on the Macintosh has been the amount of PDFs I generate. The Mac OS allows any application to “print to PDF” which is an amazing feature for obvious reasons. That and

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Habbo China closed

Popular avatar-based virtual community Habbo Hotel has closed their China site. Dear visitors: unfortunately we have some bad news for you: since August 24, 2007 has been closed at least temporarily, and possibly for a long time. Our Habbo

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Living in the Mission

Living in the Mission, originally uploaded by JJ San. Ah, San Francisco….

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Fotolog sold to Hi-Media for $90 mil.

I read that Fotolog has been sold to Hi-Media for $90 million. Congrats to John Borthwick (whom I know from his time at AOL), Scott Heiferman (whom I met once during the iTraffic days.) Fotolog is one of the few

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Wikipedia faster than Kantei

This is sort of like shooting fish in a barrel I suppose but I note that the next day after Abe announces his new cabinet (shuffling chairs on the deck of the…) Wikipedia “Cabinet of Japan” is updated, but the

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