It looks like Mujirushi Ryohin, the fashionable no-brand brand in Japan, is making a serious entry into NYC.
I predict they will do better than UNIQLO, because MUJI has something to offer (the no-brand brand zen thing) that UNIQLO doesn’t.
� MUJI Flagship Store @ The New York Times Building – FRESHNESS

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4 comments on “MUJI in NYC
  1. enda says:

    the no brand brand also recently found making inroad in bangkok’s fashionable mall ( And the 2nd store found on newly renovated Central World Plaza.

  2. koh says:

    I found MUJI in MoMA store in NYC.

  3. Melissa says:

    I love MUJI. I wish MUJI would come to the US west coast. My friend in Munich, Germany tells me that MUJI opened there a little while back.

  4. Chris_B says:

    I simply cant understand the appeal of Muji at all. Most of their stuff seems pretty low quality and overpriced. Why pay a brand premium for “no brand” goods? To me its just another sucker play on the Japanese consumer.

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